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Dr Robert Colgrove, an experienced plastic surgeon based in the Northwest metro Atlanta area has been fascinated by being able to provide life-changing aesthetic results by using hair transplantation techniques. During the late 1990’s, Dr Colgrove underwent an extensive hair transplantation training course directed by Dr. Dow Stough.

Disappointed by the drawbacks of even the most advanced techniques of that time period, including how labor intensive the procedure itself was as well as the post procedure scarring that was typical, Dr Colgrove determined that offering that type of hair transplantation method would not provide the true aesthetic result he always insists on for his patients.

Unique Hair Transplant Atlanta Center

During the last 5-6 year period a new advanced technology solution has been introduced and perfected on thousands of cases. The AI era has and will affect so much we do in our lives and the health care field is no different. The ARTAS robotic system eliminates most of the drawbacks of the previous hair transplantation techniques. The result is a much less labor intensive process, less pain for the patient, and virtual elimination of any post procedure scarring.

Dr Colgrove added the ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant system to his practice in December 2017. Dr Colgrove states: “It has been favorably received by the patients. They have indicated that the only pain was the injection of the local anesthetic prior to the procedure. The precision of making the recipient sites and retrieving the grafts has been very gratifying to both our patients, and me the physician.”

Atlanta Hair Transplant and Hair Restoration Center

The fall of 2018 marks the opening of a new Hair Restoration and Hair Transplant specialty center adjacent to Dr. Colgrove’s Vinings Surgery Center practice location. Dr Colgrove believes that hair restoration is an important part of a comprehensive plan to improve an individual’s appearance and level of self-confidence.  Many of his patients have been grateful to be able to learn of the other dimensions of aesthetics that have become equally important in their new outlook on life. If you want to get a complete picture of all your options that may compliment your hair restoration goals then book a consult with Dr. Colgrove.  Do it today.

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Are you wanting to achieve a new level of success in your career?  Has a significant relationship in your life recently transitioned? Are you looking for someone to share the amazing things you are planning for your future? Maybe now is the time to invest in yourself.  Millions of men and women are exploring new advancements in aesthetic enhancement solutions. Learn what options would be perfect for you.  Let us help you figure it all out when you schedule your consult with Dr. Colgrove.  We’ll listen to your concerns and outline a plan that will delight you whatever your budget may be.  Don’t you owe it to yourself?  Call Today, (770) 670-7686.

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You want a make sure you are very comfortable with who you choose for helping you with the changes that will build a new confident outlook in your professional and personal life.  Since 1986, Dr. Colgrove and his team have helped thousands achieve their aesthetic treatment goals.

Dr. Colgrove

Robert A. Colgrove, Jr., M.D. understands that each patient is unique and he strives to enhance his or her appearance with skill and a keen sense of aesthetics.

Jennifer Garrity

Jennifer Garrity graduated from the Medical College of Georgia in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. After four years of experience at the Intensive Care Unit at Northside Hospital, she began to transition into the plastic surgery field in 2005.

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